The Convenient Type of Shoes for Men’s Fashion this Summer


Sweat is very inevitable most especially when summer is on. Hence, you need to find a way to reduce the unpleasant feeling of the sweat on you. Typically a person would think about choosing the most comfortable fabric on their clothes to become more convenient and comfortable with what they wear which is true. However, do you know that the shoes are also a good factor to consider?

The unpleasant feeling that arise is definitely also due to the wrong shoes you match your outfit to. The purpose of this article is to help you pick the right footwear for men.

Here are the best shoes that would complement your summer get up:

  1. Boat shoes

Boat shoes are typically made in canvas, suede or leather. The materials in which they are made of except for the leather is very great in summer. They keep your feet breathe even in warm temperatures. You can choose different variations of colours and designs to match your outfit perfectly. To make you look more original, then it is good that you play with pattern designs and striking colours. What are the designs to avoid in boat shoes? Well, experts say that you should have a no go to excessively designed shoes and laces especially if you have a heavy-looking outfit.

The brand names that offer great boat shoe options are Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Lacoste, Selected Homme and Sperry.


  1. Mesh/Woven Slip-ons

If you wanted to look exceptional and original on your shoes, then this mesh or woven slip-ons will do the job for you. This will add more character in every outfit that you wear. It is very catching, dynamic and comfortable footwear at the same time. These slip-ons are very breathable; you will not be scared to move and have sweaty feet.

Top brands which offer mesh or Woven Slip-ons include Office ASOS, Dune and Topman.

  1. Brogues

They are formal shoes with optimum ventilation. This is especially designed with light and punching details to keep you in style and convenient at the same time most especially this sunny season. When you choose brogues, make sure to get a smart colour collection. The colour also affects the heat absorption of the shoes. The lighter the colour, the less heat it absorbs. Paler hues which are good and attractive includes tan, camel, khaki or any pastel shades.

They match well with your outfit if you choose the best pair in Reiss, O’Keeffe, Mark McNairy, Mr Hare, J.Crew, Common Projects.

  1. Leather Sandals

These sandals are very great indoors and outdoors. They are highly masculine and very comfortable in the feet. With leather sandals, you can have a convenient way to relax your feet from your closed shoes. Do not be afraid to wear them because you think you will look understated when you match them with your outfit. As a good tip, leather sandals could make you look more fashionable by choosing a good type of colour and design. Avoid so much straps because sandals are supposed to be simple.

Find a good pair in Jerusalem, Boss, Havaianas, Paul Smith, Aldo, AllSaints, Mango




Controlling the Hidden Sugar in Your Diet

WSJ-Sugar-bailout-3.15.13-1There is sugar in almost all kinds of food, but it may come in a form you would not usually recognise. In other words, you may be consuming sugar without being aware of it. Food does not have to be sweet to the tongue to contain a considerable amount of sugar.Besides the natural sugar that is present in fruit and dairy, the sugar you eat can be in “added” form, which is combined with food during preparation. Research on added sugar suggests that common eating habits include the consumption of twice the amount of what is actually utilised by the body.Where does the excess sugar go? When unused, they are converted into stored energy, which is represented by fat in the adipose tissue. The buildup is commonly found in the midsection, contributing to the belly mass. This can lead to serious complications in health and lifestyle. It has been observed by many research studies that excesses in sugar consumption can lead to diabetes and heart diseases.

Lowering your daily levels of sugar consumption can help you maintain a body mass that is optimum to your natural physique. There are a few easy ways to start controlling the sugar in your diet, such as the following:

  1. Learn the many names and disguises of sugar. The food labels on the items in your grocery cart may conceal added sugar in various colorful terms. Molasses are one example. Ingredients that have the suffix “-ose” such as sucrose or fructose are indicative of sugar content.
  1. Be wary of standard healthy food. Added sugar can be present in organic ingredients such as honey and yogurt. Even canned fruit packed in syrup can contain twice or even thrice the amount of added sugar as compared to fresh fruit, which contain none.
  1. Sugar can be drunk, too. Liquid drinks may have more sugar content than the food you eat. Even the healthy ones are chock full of artificial sweeteners. For instance, a regular bottle of enhanced water can contain as much as eight teaspoons of sugar. Smoothies, the favorite diet drink, may have as much as twelve teaspoons of the stuff per 30 ml.

Cutting down on sugar intake can be a slow, even painful process, especially if you’ve had a sweet tooth for as long as you can remember. But the key is in steady moderation. Gradual recognition and deciding daily on your sugar intake can increase your overall physical health. Once you do, don’t forget to give yourself a treat.

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