I’m doing Tough Mudder 2015!

mudder-photosIt’s official, I’m officially going to Tough Mudder 2015, I missed out going last year due to an injury but hopefully that’s now behind me and Tough Mudder 2015 is now on!

I decided that I will be doing the event for charity, information about that coming soon but I’ve just ordered some t-shirts to help promote my fundraising for the event from My Personalised Clothing who were kind enough to donate them to the cause.

As I mentioned more info about the charity and the event will be coming soon, in the meantime I’ll ensure to start doing some training in the run up to the event, it’s been a while since I trained for an event so it seemed the perfect time to start getting back into a scheduale, and look to maybe doing a marathon for my 2016 challange.

But until then it’s time keep an eye on Sky Sports News in the hope that Arsenal may actually put their hands in their pockets and get someone in before the end of transfer deadline day.