What is this new trend “Bubble Football”?

Bubble football is called loopyball in Germany while the rest of the European countries call it bubble soccer. Bubble football is the brainchild of a 30-year-old former asbestos surveyor who quit his job to set up his own company. And he must be feeling ecstatic right now because this somewhat silly game has taken the world, especially the football-playing countries, by storm.The Rules of Bubble Football. There are 14 players, 7 from each team, at any time in the field. Each one is enclosed in an inflatable bubble that looks like a zorb bubble, only much smaller and covers the player from the head down to a bit above the knee.Just like regular football, one player will act as the goalkeeper while the rest of the team try to take possession of the ball and drive it into the opponent’s goalpost. The rest of the rules pretty much follow that of its more serious sibling.

Here Comes the Fun Part

Because the player’s legs and feet are the only body parts really free to move around and he is encased inside a bouncy ball made of plastic, expect to get more than a few laughs.

It’s almost impossible to avoid collision with both teammates and players of the opposing team. Reduced visibility and mobility also make it hard to keep possession of the ball.

The result? A bunch of players running, bumping, bouncing, and rolling around while trying to play a game of football. Getting up alone is a difficult task on its own. Leg tackling is impossible because a player can’t touch the feet as they are restricted by the bubble. Players end up knocking each other down. It’s pretty hilarious

Also, because of the bubble’s design, the encased players are completely safe even if they fall or tumble down. A player also doesn’t need to have football skills to play this fun sport — just a sense of humor.