6 Tips for Athletes to Lose Weight

Most athletes need to have the perfect body in order to be the best at their sport. However, in order to do this, some athletes resort to some illegal supplements which can eventually jeopardize their career and their health, and especially their immune system. If you’re looking for completely legal and untained supplements, check out Supplements Direct for this. This is something that should be avoided at all times, and that is why we have decided to give you these 6 tip that could help all the athletes lose their weight the safest possible way while still maintaining a great performance.

1 – Focus on Lean Protein

There is no problem with eating some food that isn’t really on the top of the healthy food list, but at least make sure you eat some lean protein with it as well; something like fish or chicken. Every athlete needs a balanced diet which includes a higher intake of protein, which will eventually lead to a bigger calorie loss with the help of digestion. Also, pairing protein with some healthy foods that are rich in fat and protein as well as some vegetables, you’ll get a more stable blood sugar.

2 – No Added Sugar

There is a good chance that you’ve been consuming a lot more added sugar than needed. You’ve definitely been doing that if you’ve been intaking canned fruit, sweetened cereal, ketchup, maple syrup, or drinking a lot of fruit juice. This is not the best food for an athlete, and is something you ought to start avoiding, and you’ll start losing weight in no time.

3 – Keep Track of the Food You Eat

This does not just imply keeping track of the food you eat, but also why you eat it. You see, weight loss seems to be a more of a psychological thing when it comes to athletes, and the emotional eating is something that could damage the entire process. Coconut oil for weight loss should be first on the list when starting your weight loss program. That is why keeping track of the food you eat, as well as why you’ve been eating it will help you see that some of the foods you’ve been intaking is completely unnecessary, and should be avoided.

4 – No Losing Weight During the Season

Timing is the most important thing here, and that is why there shouldn’t be any dramatic changes during the high point of the season. This could change the way you move, your speed, your body alignment, etc. This is something that is really risky to change during the season, and should be left for the off-season, when you don’t train as much.

5 – Refueling Is Important

Athletes really need some recovery nutrition, and it should be done 30-60 minutes after an exercise or a training. The proper refueling ought to reduce the fat and still keep the lean mass you have. So, after the workout, your cells use nutrients as fuel, which means that they are not being stored, which is something that leads to a healthy weight loss.

6 – Don’t Weigh Yourself Every Day

This is not an efficient way to track a weight loss, because there are various things that could influence the the number on the scale – hydration status, bowel movement, glycogen storage, etc. This will lead to an inaccurate number on the scale, which could give you a sense of failure and disappoint you, even though that’s far from truth.

The Convenient Type of Shoes for Men’s Fashion this Summer


Sweat is very inevitable most especially when summer is on. Hence, you need to find a way to reduce the unpleasant feeling of the sweat on you. Typically a person would think about choosing the most comfortable fabric on their clothes to become more convenient and comfortable with what they wear which is true. However, do you know that the shoes are also a good factor to consider?

The unpleasant feeling that arise is definitely also due to the wrong shoes you match your outfit to. The purpose of this article is to help you pick the right footwear for men.

Here are the best shoes that would complement your summer get up:

  1. Boat shoes

Boat shoes are typically made in canvas, suede or leather. The materials in which they are made of except for the leather is very great in summer. They keep your feet breathe even in warm temperatures. You can choose different variations of colours and designs to match your outfit perfectly. To make you look more original, then it is good that you play with pattern designs and striking colours. What are the designs to avoid in boat shoes? Well, experts say that you should have a no go to excessively designed shoes and laces especially if you have a heavy-looking outfit.

The brand names that offer great boat shoe options are Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Lacoste, Selected Homme and Sperry.


  1. Mesh/Woven Slip-ons

If you wanted to look exceptional and original on your shoes, then this mesh or woven slip-ons will do the job for you. This will add more character in every outfit that you wear. It is very catching, dynamic and comfortable footwear at the same time. These slip-ons are very breathable; you will not be scared to move and have sweaty feet.

Top brands which offer mesh or Woven Slip-ons include Office ASOS, Dune and Topman.

  1. Brogues

They are formal shoes with optimum ventilation. This is especially designed with light and punching details to keep you in style and convenient at the same time most especially this sunny season. When you choose brogues, make sure to get a smart colour collection. The colour also affects the heat absorption of the shoes. The lighter the colour, the less heat it absorbs. Paler hues which are good and attractive includes tan, camel, khaki or any pastel shades.

They match well with your outfit if you choose the best pair in Reiss, O’Keeffe, Mark McNairy, Mr Hare, J.Crew, Common Projects.

  1. Leather Sandals

These sandals are very great indoors and outdoors. They are highly masculine and very comfortable in the feet. With leather sandals, you can have a convenient way to relax your feet from your closed shoes. Do not be afraid to wear them because you think you will look understated when you match them with your outfit. As a good tip, leather sandals could make you look more fashionable by choosing a good type of colour and design. Avoid so much straps because sandals are supposed to be simple.

Find a good pair in Jerusalem, Boss, Havaianas, Paul Smith, Aldo, AllSaints, Mango




6 Things You Need to do on The 1st Day

1. Smile
A dull appearance won’t only keep everybody away, however it might as well be misunderstood as a symbol of cockiness. A smile, however, results in an excellent 1st impression and makes you easy to approach. You won’t find it difficult to socialize, and it’ll be easier to discover how the team works. Your teammates will find it simple to improve you when you go wrong. Essentially, a smile will assist you to get on with others. This would not just positively impact your efficiency, however it will likewise make sure that you aren’t tossed off the team. Nobody likes a grouch, so smile!

2. Pay Attention
You’ll find it easier to get on with others if you take some time to hear them. Listening shows your teammates that you appreciate them. God provided people 2 ears and 1 mouth in order that they’d talk less and hear more, holds a well known aphorism. Consider that advice; it really works.

i can3. Have Confidence
Insufficient confidence will make it tougher to connect with your teammates. It might adversely impact your efficiency, and it’ll result in other people to question your capabilities. Do you feel insufficient? You’re not alone. Numerous successful individuals at first battled to have confidence in themselves. It might aid to keep in mind that people who picked you noticed characteristics which your competitors didn’t have. Additionally, remember that you had to get over numerous others to get accepted into the team. You’re the best, the cream of the crop, therefore have confidence.

4. Prevent Taking Sides
A few teams are riven with clashes that won’t be instantly apparent. Because you’re new to the team, stay away from taking sides. Do all you are able to get on with everybody in the team. Stay away from spending a lot of time with any party to the clash, and don’t condemn other people needlessly, because this might be viewed to imply that you have selected sides. Stay away from chit chat, because it may be used in opposition to you. Sitting on the fence doesn’t make you a wimp; it simply shows that you won’t be a part of arguments whose roots you neither understand nor know.

ego5. Prevent Cockiness
You might be the top player in the team, and everybody, involving the captain, might admire you, however that isn’t a reason to be egotistic, impolite or disrespectful. Take some wisdom from Ling Yao, who prudently explains that a master without pupils is absolutely nothing. In the same manner, you’re nothing without the team. You’ll need others just as much as they will need you. Don’t let success get to your head; rather, assist your teammates turn out to be as great as you’re.

6. Prevent Laziness
Simply because you made the team doesn’t mean that you can expend your 1st day, or any other day actually, lounging around. You have to demonstrate your value; that’s why you were picked to become part of the team initially. The simplest way to accomplish this is by establishing progressively difficult objectives for yourself. Additionally, aim to learn from those who’re superior to you. Lastly, always keep in mind these words, taken from Jennifer Lopez’s song, I am Into You; each finish line is the beginning of a new contest.

February Round up

PT-Pic-2Sorry guy’s I know I haven’t been keeping up with the blog but thought I’d drop in quickly to give an update.

February has been a busy month, training many new clients and training myself.

With the weather starting to get warmer I’ve decided that a gym wear update was needed. I’ve decided to get custom gym wear from my local t-shirt printers in London.

I got a couple of tee’s with my personal training name and number and a few with motivational quotes as I’m a sucker for them.

In other news I’ve been working hard on my diet, trying to cut out a few items for the ultimate summer bod. I’ve been keeping a diary of how it’s been going and might possibly put it in a mini case study!

Apart from that not much else has been going on, just training ready for Tough Mudder.

I’m doing Tough Mudder 2015!

mudder-photosIt’s official, I’m officially going to Tough Mudder 2015, I missed out going last year due to an injury but hopefully that’s now behind me and Tough Mudder 2015 is now on!

I decided that I will be doing the event for charity, information about that coming soon but I’ve just ordered some t-shirts to help promote my fundraising for the event from My Personalised Clothing who were kind enough to donate them to the cause.

As I mentioned more info about the charity and the event will be coming soon, in the meantime I’ll ensure to start doing some training in the run up to the event, it’s been a while since I trained for an event so it seemed the perfect time to start getting back into a scheduale, and look to maybe doing a marathon for my 2016 challange.

But until then it’s time keep an eye on Sky Sports News in the hope that Arsenal may actually put their hands in their pockets and get someone in before the end of transfer deadline day.