6 Tips for Athletes to Lose Weight

Most athletes need to have the perfect body in order to be the best at their sport. However, in order to do this, some athletes resort to some illegal supplements which can eventually jeopardize their career and their health, and especially their immune system. If you’re looking for completely legal and untained supplements, check out Supplements Direct for this. This is something that should be avoided at all times, and that is why we have decided to give you these 6 tip that could help all the athletes lose their weight the safest possible way while still maintaining a great performance.

1 – Focus on Lean Protein

There is no problem with eating some food that isn’t really on the top of the healthy food list, but at least make sure you eat some lean protein with it as well; something like fish or chicken. Every athlete needs a balanced diet which includes a higher intake of protein, which will eventually lead to a bigger calorie loss with the help of digestion. Also, pairing protein with some healthy foods that are rich in fat and protein as well as some vegetables, you’ll get a more stable blood sugar.

2 – No Added Sugar

There is a good chance that you’ve been consuming a lot more added sugar than needed. You’ve definitely been doing that if you’ve been intaking canned fruit, sweetened cereal, ketchup, maple syrup, or drinking a lot of fruit juice. This is not the best food for an athlete, and is something you ought to start avoiding, and you’ll start losing weight in no time.

3 – Keep Track of the Food You Eat

This does not just imply keeping track of the food you eat, but also why you eat it. You see, weight loss seems to be a more of a psychological thing when it comes to athletes, and the emotional eating is something that could damage the entire process. Coconut oil for weight loss should be first on the list when starting your weight loss program. That is why keeping track of the food you eat, as well as why you’ve been eating it will help you see that some of the foods you’ve been intaking is completely unnecessary, and should be avoided.

4 – No Losing Weight During the Season

Timing is the most important thing here, and that is why there shouldn’t be any dramatic changes during the high point of the season. This could change the way you move, your speed, your body alignment, etc. This is something that is really risky to change during the season, and should be left for the off-season, when you don’t train as much.

5 – Refueling Is Important

Athletes really need some recovery nutrition, and it should be done 30-60 minutes after an exercise or a training. The proper refueling ought to reduce the fat and still keep the lean mass you have. So, after the workout, your cells use nutrients as fuel, which means that they are not being stored, which is something that leads to a healthy weight loss.

6 – Don’t Weigh Yourself Every Day

This is not an efficient way to track a weight loss, because there are various things that could influence the the number on the scale – hydration status, bowel movement, glycogen storage, etc. This will lead to an inaccurate number on the scale, which could give you a sense of failure and disappoint you, even though that’s far from truth.

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