Dealing with Bike Accidents: Things to Do After the Accident

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 15.44.39No doubt that it is scary when bikes get into accidents with larger vehicles. In case you are the one riding the bike, then it is essential that you know things about cycling law so that you can protect your rights and interest. Aftermath the cycling accident, things that you will do may have great impact on how you can recover. It may also affect the flow and the result of the lawsuit from the cycling accident involving you as a cyclist.Under the cycling law, a cyclist has rights and responsibilities. In case a cyclist was involved in an accident and he or she proves that it’s not his or her fault then the other party is accountable for the damages and injury. Cyclists need to protect their rights by means of doing things listed below after the accident:

  • Whether you have minor or major injury, ask for some help. Before anything else, you need to check your condition. Get some help because it is essential that you immediately get medical attention.
  • In case your injury is mild then it is important that you wait for the arrival of the police. While waiting for the police, never forget to take the contact information of the other party. Get his or her plate number.
  • If there are people who witness the accident then it is highly recommended that you get their information. You can use their statement if you will pursue a lawsuit.
  • Give statement to the police and file a report. See to it that you can document your statement. Give honest and accurate statement.
  • In order to give accurate information or report to the police, it is essential that you document how the accident happened. Try to make mental notes about the cycling accident involving you. Try to remember how the accident happened, when it occurred and where it occurred. By doing so, you can give accurate and concise report when the police ask for your statement.
  • When you get medical attention, never forget to record or document your injuries. Have some pictures of your injury because you can use such photos as your evidence.
  • Preserve evidences of the accident. You can leave your bike in the location where the accident happened. Leave it in a state as after the cycling accident. Don’t attempt to fix anything.
  • If the injury was bad, you may want to look at getting health insurance. We recommend taking a look at health insurance finder to find the best policy for you. This ensures that if you were to crash again, you could receive a pay off that would cover any damage to yourself or your bike.

All things listed above are essential things that will enable you to strengthen your claim as victim of the cycling accident. Doing such things will also help you protect your right under cycling law. It is also important that you seek advice from professional people who specialize on handling cycling cases. Your cycling lawyer at will represent you in the court. He or she will also help you get suitable and appropriate compensation to your claim. You can never forecast when a cycling accident will strike. The most important thing is that you follow regulations as provided by the cycling law. Be a responsible cyclist.

Best Tennis Rackets to Use and Why

tennis-testTennis is a game played using a ball and a racket. The success of your game depends on your ability to choose the best tennis racket for you. You need to look at the different factors that will help you analyze which tennis racket is best for you.There are three kinds of tennis rackets that you can use. These are the head racket, Wilson racket and the balobat tennis racket. The head racket is one of the best rackets that you could use. This is because of its power and its flexibility. Another feature of the Head Racket is its use of Graphene. Graphene is a material that promotes strong, stable and durable surround on the frame of the racket. Among the many tennis players who use the head racket is Novak Djovovic and Maria Sharapova.

The Wilson racket is also a famous choice among tennis players because of its higher spin potentials while the balobat tennis racket is also famous for its Air Cortex Technology which increases stability while playing. Rafael Nadal is one of the tennis players who uses this type of racket.

But choosing among the three will completely fail without looking into the four factors that might affect the effectivity of your racket. You must look into the head sizes, length, balance, flex and the string pattern of the racket for you to have a good game.

  • Head Sizes– Choosing the best tennis racket involves looking at the head size. The head size is what will have a direct contact with the ball, hence you should be careful in looking at this aspect. Players who want to have flexibility and lighter weigh typically uses small head sizes so that there will be more control and power.
  • Length– You should also choose the racket with the standard size of 27 inches. This standard is set so that you will have a more comfortable feel when you are playing, however if you like it to be much longer, then it could also be done by the manufacturer.
  • Balance– The balance of the tennis racket should also be appropriate for you. If you want to easily maneuver, then you should use the head light racket while if you want to increase stability, then you should use a racket with a heavy head.
  • Flex– You must also make sure that the flex of your racket is the best. The flex is the resistance to the bending process that might be encountered by the racket upon contact with the ball. It is easier to play with rackets that are resistant to this kind of situation.
  • String Pattern– The string pattern of any racket should give you more power and at the same time manifest more control and durability.

The best tennis racket to use is the head racket; however, your purchase will all be in vain if you don’t consider the different factors that accompanies it. These are the head sizes, length of the racket, balance, flex and the string pattern.

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